Monday, March 15, 2010

and he started walking

"That guy believed the words Jesus spoke to him and began walking..."

We've all had that experience, right? At least everyone on this list has had that experience. Jesus speaks, and you just start walking. It makes no sense at all... For instance I can remember the time I decided to go to U of I instead of my dream school, Notre Dame... or like the time I broke up with my last "official girlfriend"... or what about when I decided to leave the frat house and go live in the rectory (with the priests? right in the midst of the scandals coming out in the press? Yeah, good timing, huh?)... What times are you remembering right now? Is now one of those times? If you had to guess what Jesus would say to you today (and just by guessing $100,000 would go to your favorite charity while not guessing would mean no pay out), what would you say? What would it be? To be more loving with someone? more caring? more listening? more patient? Maybe Jesus just wants you to put a big silly grin on your face this morning and leave it there... That'd be nice, wouldn't it? Well, whatever it is, give it a shot... The worst thing that could happen is you'll end up ridiculously happy... "and he began walking..." What a concept...

God bless,
Live from your heart,


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