Monday, March 8, 2010

no prophet in his own home

I'm back from my week of mission in northern Italy and ready to rock...

"No prophet is welcome in his own home..."

I think most of us say this with a tinge of regret or even a stomachache and a strange, pained look on our face. Jesus doesn't seem to be saying that here at all. For him it's just a statement of fact, tinged with a sense of adventure. Yeah, because even if his own family and friends won't listen, the true apostle (and Jesus is "the apostle and high priest of our faith" in the Letter to the Hebrews) always finds a way. He goes elsewhere to make it happen. "Ok, you won't listen, let me go talk to those people. Maybe if they change their hearts, you'll begin to change yours." St. Paul did this, leaving the synagogue to go preach to the gentiles. St. Teresa of Avila refounded the carmelites, not just reformed them... (In all the documents of her time, they call her "foundress").

Are you not being heard? Maybe its time you went elsewhere to spread the Gospel. I mean, could this be God's invitation to do something beyond the boundaries you've placed on your mission. Some people say, "when you miss your dream, you get your destiny." Josemaria Escriva says, "Fail? You cannot fail. You have gained experience..." Could this be your chance to learn from experience and fulfill your destiny?

God bless,
Live from your heart,


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