Friday, March 19, 2010

What you need to know about Joe...

What you need to know about Joseph is this: Go to him! I'm serious, because the guy comes through. He has what it takes, right? I mean, do you think that God would choose a chump for a dad? I don't think so... No way, man. Joseph is a man's man. He's one of those guys who makes you kinda go: Woah, that was intense. Yeah, he can be calm, gentle, loving, and all that stuff, but when the going gets tough, let me tell you, Joseph comes through. Do you have any Joseph experiences? I'd love to hear about'em.

Teresa of Avila went nuts for Joseph. At one point she was healed of this weird illness that she couldn't shake, and she attributes the whole thing to Joseph. At one point in her autobiography she says something like, "To some saints God has given power of influence over a specific area of life, but to Joseph he has given power over all." Just like Pharoah with Joseph in the Old Testament, this Joe has the keys to the kingdom (He's the Son of David, right?). I know, Peter has the keys. You see God must have made more than one copy, because he loves the spread the wealth...

And that's exactly what Joseph does. When things get tough, he spreads the wealth. Whatever is tough in your life, whatever "famine" you're going through. Go to Joseph, and he will open the granaries of Divine Grace for you...

God bless,
Live from your heart,


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