Sunday, March 14, 2010

which son are you?

So which son are you? The young punk who blows everything and ends up in rehab, or the old fuddy duddy who never gets to have any fun because he's too busy keeping his nails clean and "following the rules"?

...I hate that question. I hate it because it's not true! Neither one is true. Yeah, ok, there have been times when I've blown it, just like you, right? I'm gonna hallucinate that the answer is, "Oh yeah, big time." Well ok. And haven't there been moments in your life when you were so into the rules, so into your to-do list, so in to "having to" that you forgot to enjoy life and just spend time with Dad? Oops, there I go hallucinating again, I just heard another "yes." Well so what? Does that mean you ARE the older son? No. Does the other experience mean you ARE the younger son? Nooo.

Who ARE you really, Christian? Oh, that's right, another Christ. And where is Christ in this parable? B16 tells us that Christ is the father in the parable. That's who you really are, the father. That's who we all are, the tremendous, life-giving, lover who will do anything to bring others into his feast of life. Are you following me? That's what it's all about. That's what we're here for, isn't it? And I bet there are times when that's exactly who you've been and you've loved every second of it. You are your Father's son (or daughter, ladies on the list).

How would our lives be different if we really believed, "Son, you are with me always, and all that's mine is yours"? How would our faces be different, our voices, our posture? How differently would we treat people? What new things would we think about and appreciate? What new questions would we ask and what new feelings would we feel? Now is the time. "Son you are with me always, and all that's mine is yours." (For those of you who know them, this makes a great incarnation. For those who don't try repeating this with some emotion today. How often? So often it gets stuck in your head...) "Son you are with me always, and all that's mine is yours."

God bless,
Live from your heart,


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